Division for Product Financing and Support

The purpose of the Division of Product Finance and Support is to contribute to good financial management and coordinate the customer-facing support for the Agency for Digital Government’s large IT solutions. The office also contributes to standardizing the work processes for the development and operation of the agency's IT solutions.

The Division supports good financial management

The division supports the product divisions with the ongoing financial management of major IT solutions. This includes budget follow-up and analysis of future expenditure for budgeting. For large IT solutions, business cases that describe the costs and benefits of the solutions are prepared. The division assists the product divisions in preparing and continuously updating business cases for the different solutions.

The work with business cases also forms the basis of preparation of documents for the Danish Parliament, where the Agency requests funding to cover the expenses for IT solutions. This includes an ongoing briefing of the Parliament, if there are changes in the preconditions for the approved documents, such as increased costs, changes in the content of the solutions, or delays.

A number of the IT solutions are jointly public, which means that the financing is divided between the state, the municipalities, and the regions. The office handles the dialogue with Local Government Denmark and the Regions in relation to the ongoing financial follow-up for the joint public IT solutions.

Coordination of the customer support for the major IT solutions

The Danish Business Authority handles customer support for the large public IT solutions. The Division of Product Economics and Support coordinates the Agency for Digital Government’s support task with the Danish Business Authority and the Agency's own product divisions in relation to optimizing and unifying the support offer for citizens and companies. The Danish Business Authority handles support for MitID, Borger.dk, NemKonto, Digital Post, as well as the Health Card and Driver’s License app.

Standardization of internal work processes

The division also operates the Agency for Digital Government’s internal ITSM system, which is responsible for IT Service Management. The system aims to standardize processes and roles in relation to handling information, inquiries, and error registration. It supports the collaboration between public IT solutions, as well as the internal workflow through standardised processes.