Basic data

Basic data is a driver for growth and efficiency.

Public authorities in Denmark register various core information about individuals, businesses, real properties, buildings, addresses, and more. This information, called basic data, is re-used throughout the public sector and is an important basis for public authorities to perform their tasks properly and efficiently. Not least because an ever greater number of tasks have to be performed digitally and across units, administrations and sectors.

However, basic data also has great value for the private sector, partly because businesses use this data in their internal processes and, partly, because the information contained in public-sector data can be exploited for entirely new products and solutions, in particular digital ones. In short, good basic data, which is freely available to the private sector, is a potential driver for innovation, growth and job creation.

Therefore, the Danish government has launched a basic-data initiative.

Read more about the initiative in the publication 'Good Basic Data for Everyone – A Driver for Growth and Efficiency'