The National ICT Council

The National ICT Council comprises leaders from both the private and public sectors in Denmark. All members of the council have experience with large-scale ICT projects, system portfolios, and/or change management and, hence, are experts within their field.

The National ICT Council, comprising former and current top managers of public and private entities, provides professional advice for Danish government agencies concerning the management of their ICT projects and system portfolios.

The council is supported by the Agency for Digital Government. In this role as secretariat to the council, our primary tasks include:

  • Risk assessment of large-scale government ICT projects,
  • Review of the management of large-scale government ICT system portfolios, as well as of government ICT system portfolios considered critical for society,
  • Biannual progress reporting of current government ICT projects and ICT system portfolios on key economic expenses and gains, risk profile, and timeline.