Life Events

Citizens should experience coherence in their digital contact with the public sector. Therefore, we are working to create coherent user journeys for 11 selected life events that most citizens experience during their lifetime.

The main goal is to make it easier for citizens to navigate through the public sector, experiencing coherence and a better service. To reach this goal, we develop digital guides that gather information and relevant self-service solutions from across the public sector regarding each life event. The guides can be found on the Danish national citizen portal,

The work with life events originates from the groundwork laid out in the joint public digital strategy from 2016 and the Digitisation Pact from 2019.

Service Design and User Insight

The Agency for Digital Government works on creating more coherent user journeys by using well tested methods within service design.

Service design gauges the experiences of the user. By conducting interviews as well as user tests, we can identify contact points where users are experiencing difficulties. By identifying the user experiences, we can pinpoint where to improve the digital service in a given user journey. Thereby, the user experiences play a central role when prioritising which improvements the public authorities should make in order to accommodate the user needs.

How We Work

The Agency for Digital Government combines service design with the joint government cooperation by gathering the relevant public authorities for each life event in different project groups.

The Agency for Digital Government is responsible for each project, for instance by facilitating workshops and meetings. The responsible public authorities contribute with valuable knowledge in regards to the specific situations the citizens find themselves in. In this process, the public authorities also benefit by gaining new insights that they can profit from in their own organisations.

After the completion of a user journey analysis, the established joint government project groups meet on a biannual basis to follow up on the guides on and assess identified areas of focus for each life event.

The 11 Life Events

  • Moving
  • Moving abroad
  • Moving to Denmark
  • Retiring
  • Death of a relative
  • Becoming a parent
  • Losing a job
  • Getting a new job
  • Becoming a digital citizen (13-17 years old)
  • Getting divorced
  • Starting higher education

Find all the guides at

Status - Where Are We Now?

All life events are analysed in close cooperation between relevant public authorities by using service design methods. The result is 11 guides at – the national citizen portal. We are now continuing to work together with the relevant public authorities in order to improve the guide concept, keep the guides updated and increasing citizens’ knowledge of the guides.

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