Network for Digital Inclusion

Since 2015, the Agency for Digital Government has facilitated a nationwide network whose main objective is supporting and enhancing digitally challenged residents’ possibilities of participating in the digital society.

The Network for Digital Inclusion consists of about 70 different organisations, central, and local government authorities, as well as other entities working with digitally challenged residents.

The network organisations represent groups with physical, cognitive, and mental disabilities; young adults; the elderly; immigrants – particularly from countries with less-extensive public sectors; and socially vulnerable people.

The network helps identify and qualify relevant digital issues, and it generates ideas and initiatives on how to best support the different groups in staying or becoming adequately digital to be selfreliant. Ideas and initiatives often emerge in connection with the semi-annual network meetings and in formalised collaborative working groups. An example is the development of a sandbox platform where people can practice use of MitID and Digital Post in a sandbox environment of the digital solutions.

The Network contributes with

  • Passing on new knowledge, relevant guides, and tuition materials targeting the digitally challenged part of the population.
  • Securing high quality in communication materials, guides, publication, and such.
  • Generating ideas for concrete initiatives, products and solutions to address digital issues.
  • Cooperation with government departments, on e.g. tuition materials and targeted communication.