Digital Fuldmagt

Digital Fuldmagt is an offer that enables government and municipal authorities to use a basic proxy component, which grants access to several of the digital solutions associated with the joint-public sector.

In 2012, The Steering Committee for the Digital Strategy decided that the development of a basic proxy solution was needed as a furthering of the NemLog-in solution. The Digital Power of Attorney Solution was put into operation in August 2013 as a part of NemLog-in, and has been available to all joint-public authorities.

The joint-public digital proxy solution, i.e. Digital Fuldmagt, has been developed for the authorities that must provide the opportunity for citizens to be represented in digital self-service solutions. With the solution, citizens can grant the power of attorney to a single or several digital self-service solutions to another person or company for a limited period of time.

The Agency of Digitisation is responsible for making Digital Fuldmagt available to relevant Danish authorities. The Agency of Digitisation is also the responsible authority for the technical connection of the solution, while each separate authority that wishes to offer the use of Digital Fuldmagt to the citizens, is responsible for ensuring that their self-service solutions support the solution, where applicable.