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A broad field of candidates looks promising for MitID – the future identity and authentication solution in Denmark, that will replace NemID.

Nine suppliers have applied to be prequalified for the MitID tender. Four of those are now invited to go further in the tender process. 

The four prequalified suppliers are: 
Main supplierSubcontractors
CSC Danmark A/S Entreprise Services Belgium BVBA and Worldline France
Gemalto Danmark A/S Gemalto AB, Gemalto Oy, Gemalto Middle East, Gemalto Inc. and NNIT A/S
KMD A/S Nexus Technology GmbH and Nexus Technology SAS
Nets DanID A/S Nets Danmark A/S

The market has shown considerable interest in the MitID tender and the project has drawn attention from both international and Danish suppliers. It has been our goal to create the greatest possible competition for the solution and I am happy that with the four tenderers this seems very promising. We have an exciting time ahead of us.

Deputy director-general in the Danish Agency for Digitisation Adam Lebech

The four suppliers are chosen because of their professional competence in the form of references that have documented relevant experience. Good ideas aren’t enough. The partnership behind MitID makes high demands for good reasons when it comes to innovation and future-proofing as well as the stability and safety of the solution.

We now have four strong suppliers that are interested in contributing to a solid solution for MitID which is both user-friendly and modern. It is four suppliers with relevant experiences and competences to contribute to the unique collaboration behind MitID, where the public and private sector collaborates to ensure the national digital infrastructure.

Executive director of digitisation at Finance Denmark Michael Busk-Jensen

The process ahead

The deadline for submission of preliminary tenders is april 6th 2018 after followed by negotiations between the partnership and the prequalified suppliers. After the negotiations the tender material will be adjusted and the suppliers will submit a final tender.

According to the plan the contract will be signed in February 2019 with the supplier that has submitted the tender with the best price-quality ratio.

Facts about MitID

  • MitID is the name of NemID’s successor 
  • The solution is sent out to tender due to expiry of the NemID contract with Nets 
  • The contract will be signed in the beginning of 2019
  • According to the plan MitID is put into operation during the second half of 2020 
  • The contract value for MitID is estimated to 900 mio. kr. for the development and a 10 year operation period with an option for a two year extension
  • NemID will close after a transition to the new solution.

The process for the development of MitID has now been kicked off. It is envisaged that MitID will be launched in the second half of 2020.

The tender documents, which have just been published, describe the Danish banks’ and the public sector’s common business requirements for NemID’s successor.

With a shared desire for a strengthened, secure and flexible digital infrastructure in Denmark, the partnership between the Danish Agency for Digitisation and the Danish banks has now sent MitID out to tender. The last 18 months’ work has now been cooked down to 919 pages, describing the common business requirements for the solution, the partnership organisation, finances and the process.

Now, we’ve laid the foundation for tomorrow’s digital identity and authentication solution in Denmark. We’re building on the success of NemID and accommodating new needs. MitID will have greater flexibility, an enhanced user experience for citizens, a high degree of security and focus on future needs. At the same time, it’s crucial for the partnership to acquire the rights to continue the solution as we’re dealing with critical, national infrastructure.

Director-General of the Danish Agency for Digitisation, Rikke Hougaard Zeberg

Tender procedure

The tender is being conducted as a so-called negotiated procedure, which starts with the prequalification of up to four potential suppliers. At this stage, the suppliers with the most relevant references will be selected. Then, the partnership will enter into a dialogue with the prequalified suppliers who will then submit their tenders. The tenders will be evaluated by the partnership. The contract will be concluded with the supplier who has submitted the tender with the best price-quality ratio.

The next step

When the contract has been signed, MitID will begin to take shape, and the migration will be planned.

It’s quite unique that we, in Denmark, have this collaboration between the public and private sectors for tomorrow’s electronic identification solutions. As representatives for the banks, we’re proud to be able to contribute to the increased digitisation in Denmark. Now, we’re looking forward to the next step, where we’ll delve deeper into the process and talk to potential suppliers about how we can create the best solution for citizens and businesses

CEO Finance Denmark, Ulrik Nødgaard

Smooth transition

According to the plan, the transition will be smooth, as the old and the new solutions will be running in parallel. From the second half of 2020, it is expected that we will be moving users from NemID to MitID over a period of one year. While MitID is being implemented, NemID and MitID will be working side by side. NemID will not be closed until everything is in place.

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Access the tender documents at

Facts about MitID

  • The conclusion of the contract with a supplier is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2019
  • According to the plan, users will start using MitID from the second half of 2020 and over the next year
  • The MitID contract is estimated to have a total value of DKK 900 million for the development and a term of 10 years with the option of a two-year extension
  • The Danish Agency for Digitisation is also putting a part of the functionality in the current NemID (including the successor to the NemID employee digital signature) out to tender as part of the NemLog-in tender.

The next generation NemID (the Danish eID/digital signature) is well on its way and has now been given a name. NemID will become MitID, and the new solution will provide user-friendly and future-proof secure access to online banking, Digital Post and much more.

NemID (the Danish eID/digital signature solution) has made life easier for citizens in Denmark. A total of 4.7 million Danes have NemID and use it every day.

However, development won't stop here. Therefore, the Danish banking sector and the public sector have teamed up to develop a digital key for citizens named MitID (My eID solution).

The name MitID is not only a new name, it also heralds a clear improvement of the current NemID. The 4.7 million current users are actually very satisfied with their NemID. Nevertheless, technological developments require us to set new goals. We must provide users with a more user-friendly, mobile and flexible solution. This work is well under way and has now been given a name.

Mr. Lars Frelle-Petersen, Director-General of the Agency for Digitisation

We're pleased that we can contribute to an important part of the ICT infrastructure of the Danish society. With good public-private collaboration on the new MitID, we will continue to ensure secure access to online banking, public services, and other parts of the digital infrastructure requiring confidentiality. MitID will build on a technologically intuitive platform to allow users to continue to live online without restriction or concern.

Mr. Ulrik Nødgaard, CEO of FinanceDenmark, the organisation representing the Danish banking and mortgage sector

The future solution is about to be put up for tender.

Read more and follow the development of MitID here (in Danish only)

Numerous suppliers from Denmark and abroad joined an information meeting held by the Agency for Digitisation in June on the forthcoming major NemID and NemLog-in infrastructure projects.

At the event, the Agency for Digitisation presented the preliminary ideas about the future solutions to replace the current NemID for citizens, NemID employee certificate (used by businesses) and NemLog-in. The event was part of work by the Agency to prepare the market for the upcoming tendering procedures, and it heralded the future market dialogue.

The event allowed suppliers the opportunity to meet each other, and we hope that it will help pave the way for new and exciting collaboration between suppliers that may be attractive for the upcoming tendering procedures.

Charlotte Jacoby, Head of Division at the Agency for Digitisation and responsible for the tendering procedures for the next generation of NemID and NemLog-in

The market dialogue will provide input from potential suppliers for use in drawing up tendering materials for the next generation of NemID for citizens and NemID for businesses.

Next step

In September and October, in collaboration with banks, the Agency for Digitisa-tion will conduct a market dialogue with potential suppliers of the future solu-tions. After this, requirement specifications for the solutions will be drawn up and the tendering procedures are expected to commence in spring 2017.

See material from the information meeting

The Danish Agency for Digitisation is planning a public procurement procedure regarding national digital identity and signing as a replacement for the current NemID-solution.

As part of the preparation for the technical dialogue which is expected to take place in autumn 2016, the Danish Agency for Digitisation invites potential contractors, i.e. businesses and service providers operating in the relevant areas, to a public information meeting. The Agency for Digitisation will give a presentation of the business needs and expectations regarding the next solution which is to replace the existing national infrastructure i.e. the NemID and the NemLog-in solutions.

The information meeting takes place:

Monday 27th June 2016 at 14:00 CET

at The Agency for Digitisation
Landgreven 4
1301 Copenhagen K


Potential contractors are kindly requested to register their participation using the registration form below no later than the 20th of June 2016 at 14:00 CET. Please provide name and contact information, as well as a short description of the company’s primary areas of expertise regarding digital identity and signing. The information submitted will be published afterwards.

A brief introduction to the next generation national electronic identity and signing is available here