On behalf of the Danish public sector, the Agency for Digitisation has established a partnership with the Danish Bankers Association on the next generation of NemID.

Today, Danes can use their NemID on both public and private online services and websites where identification and/or digital signature is necessary. A broad and common NemID solution means that citizens and businesses do not need to use several different digital ID’s according to the website or service they need access to.

Therefore, a joint NemID between the public and private sector has many advantages, including but not limited to:

1. Frequent Use Means Higher Security

When the users utilize the same digital solution it creates a high level of familiarity and confidence. Digital security is essential to maintaining good relations between the public sector, the citizens and private businesses.

2. Joint Financing of a Broad Solution

If the Danes in the future continue to need only one NemID, the public and private sector do not need to finance and develop separate digital IDs and signatures that have roughly the same features. By sharing the expenditure for development and operation of the next generation of NemID, the resources of society is used in an optimal manner.

3. Knowledge of Needs and Technological Possibilities

Cooperation with private parties will contribute towards a solution that draws on knowledge of the needs of users and the most relevant and updated technological possibilities. The knowledge of the market that is found in both public authorities and private businesses is an important contribution to insuring that the next generation of NemID in the best possible manner uses the technological possibilities and meets the needs and wishes of the users.

Cooperation between the Public and the Private Sector

The Danish state, the regions and the municipalities wishes that the next generation of NemID can become a joint solution which connects citizens, businesses and the public sector. The future NemID should be made available to the entire public and private sector. This will secure that a high number of public authorities and private businesses offer their users the opportunity to log on with one and the same NemID.

The Agency for Digitisation has therefore established a partnership with FR1 af 16. September 2015 A/S, which is a subsidiary company of the Danish Bankers Association. The partnership will procure the next generation of NemID together and make the solution available to both the public and private sector in Denmark.

Process for Establishing the Partnership

Technical Dialogue (finished)

In March and April 2015, the Agency for Digitisation completed a technical dialogue on the partnership with private parties. The technical dialogue contributed with inputs to how a partnership could be organised and the wishes from the private sector to a joint NemID solution. Hereby, the Agency for Digitisation ensured that the partnership corresponds with the wishes and possibilities of the private sector.

Invitation to Tender for Partnership (finished)

The opportunity of participating in the partnership was offered through an invitation to tender on the 18th of June 2015. By conducting a tendering process the Agency for Digitisation wished partly to ensure that private actors had an equal opportunity to participate in the partnership and partly to gain insight into the concrete wishes and needs of potential private partners.

Two private parties applied and were prequalified to participate in the further dialogue on establishing a public-private partnership. The prequalified parties were the Danish Insurance Association, Forsikring & Pension, and FR I af 16. september 2015 A/S (owned by the Danish Bankers Association). The Danish Insurance Association chose not to submit a preliminary offer and was therefore not included in the following competitive dialogue.

Establishing the Partnership (finished)

On the 25th of May 2016, the Agency for Digitisation on behalf of the Danish state, the regions and the municipalities sent a partnership contract to FR I af 16. september 2015 A/S . On this basis, FR I af 16. september 2015 A/S submitted their final offer of participating in the partnership in June 2016. As the offer was consistent with the results of the competitive dialogue, it was seen to be in line with the interests of the public sector.

The partnership between the Agency for Digitisation and FR I af 16. september 2015 A/S was therefore signed, and from the 1st of July 2016 the parties have been working to prepare and later conduct the tender for the next generation of NemID.

The Operation of the Partnership’s Joint NemID Solution

When the partnership has conducted the invitation to tender for the joint NemID solution and has chosen and signed a contract with the future supplier(s) of the solution, the partnership will operate the solution together.

The partnership will continue until the contract with the supplier(s) of the solution expires. The lifespan of the partnership is therefore expected to be approximately ten years - that is until 2026.