Process and Project Stages

The Framework for MitID needs to be established. This complex task will ensure the foundation for a digital Denmark in the future.

NemID, as we know it today, has interfaces with many other fundamental solutions – both in the public and the private sector. An extensive effort has therefore been initiated with the aim of narrowing down on a small number of scenarios for a future solution. The Agency for Digitisation is among other things working on different concepts for the IT-architecture, analysing security and potential new components in the solution as well as analysing the international market for eIDs and eSignatures.

Based on the analysis, one complete and detailed concept for a future solution will be identified and qualified. The analyses will then lead to a decision on the framework for a new NemID-solution, which will make it possible to make a political decision concerning the development of a new solution. When the framework and the model for a solution have been decided upon, an invitation to tender for the next generation of NemID will be issued.

Project Stages

Idea leads to analysis, next step is procurement, followed by completion and finally realisation.

(The phases of the IT project model)

Below, an outline of the work with the next generation of NemID is shown.

Pre-analysis - completed

  • Analysis of different user needs, interfaces with other solutions, technical and security demands, economy, financing etc.
  • Inputs from public hearings and user tests, inputs from public parts and stakeholders on scenarios for the future solution.
  • Technical dialogue on the partnership with parties from the private sector.
  • A rapport which narrows down a smaller number of scenarios for the future solution.
  • Preparation of invitation to tender for partnership.

Analysis and Invitation to Tender for Partnership - completed

  • Identification on how the different needs and possibilities can come together in one complete and detailed solution concept.
  • Invitation to tender for partnership and establishment of partnership.
  • Final draft of future solution scenario, which will be qualified in cooperation with the relevant public authorities.
  • Process of political decision making. The design of the new NemID solution (framework and solution model) must be approved politically before an invitation to tender can be published.


  • Invitation to tender for the next generation of NemID, negotiations etc.
  • Winner(s) of the invitation to tender is/are found.
  • Development of a new solution for the next generation of NemID.


  • Implementation and migration is expected to commence.
  • Public and private ICT systems will be adapted to the new NemID solution.
  • The users (citizens and businesses) will be prepared for the transition to the new solution.

It is essential that there is enough time to develop the future solution, adapt the public and privat ICT systems and prepare the citizens and businesses for the transition to the next generation of NemID. This will ensure that the quality and security for the users is in focus. It is thus possible to extend the present NemID contract if it should prove necessary.

The existing NemID contract will run until November 2018.