The new future prospects toward digital identification

Over the coming years, Denmark's digital infrastructure will be rebuilt.

With MitID, users will be offered the same functionality NemID delivers today - with additional ease of use, flexibility and future-proofing. The main differences are located within underlying subsystems.

The future infrastructure

Will change a number of technical parameters:

  • MitID becomes a common, national identity and authentication solution, consisting of an identity core supporting authentication and lifecycle management for digital personalities. Through so-called identity brokers, the core can be used by public actors, financial institutions and other private service providers
  • MitID personal identities are no longer necessarily certificate-based (PKI)
  • External partners, identity brokers, will be enabled to certify and provide their own client solutions with end-user authentication

Gets a more flexible composition:

  • By adhering to recognized standards and interfaces it will ensure favorable connections between infrastructural components
  • Continuous adaptation toward emergent needs and new technological opportunities will be prioritized highly
  • Document and transaction signing are handled by the individual parties within the MitID coalition

Focus on good user experience - also in the long term:

  • The platforms will continuously be customized toward user needs. Exactly how is not yet determined, but initially, both a mobile and a physical replacement of the NemID key card may take place
  • New options toward accommodating special needs, e.g. users with disabilities or users who need to authenticate themselves several times a day
  • Differentiated levels of security will ensure easier access to non-sensitive data.

Download document about the future digital infrastructure