Joint requirements for good user experiences

”Joint requirements for good user experiences” contains the mandatory and recommended joint public requirements and guidelines that will contribute to ensuring good user interfaces in digital solutions for communication between authorities and citizens and authorities and businesses respectively. The joint requirements apply to (mandatory digital and business oriented) self-service solutions, the joint public infrastructure components and national portals that collectively are mentioned as “digital solutions” in this publication.

Compliance by public authorities and suppliers

Joint requirements are designed for you, who in a public authority or as a supplier (further) develops or acquires digital solutions that are to be used by citizens or businesses for communication with municipalities, regions, or national public authorities.

The joint requirements are mandatory to comply with in relation to development of new solutions as well as when the authority assesses that there is a significant further development of existing solutions, regardless of this happening repeatedly, or in relation to a singular larger charge.

Types of requirements

Joint requirements consist of three types of requirements:

  • regulatory requirements or standards
  • requirements that the national public authorities, Local Government Denmark (KL), and Danish Regions have designed and agreed to comply with
  • requirements that only concern digital self-service solutions which are available on the national portals Virk and

Joint requirements for good user experiences consists of requirements and recommendations within the following topics:

  • Early user involvement
  • Language
  • Conventions on user flow and functionality
  • Field validation
  • Personalisation
  • Support of different operating systems and browsers
  • Support of different screen sizes
  • Passing the joint public user test
  • Gathering information regarding the users’ utilisation of digital solutions
  • Application of infrastructure components and other components
  • Recycling of data sources
  • Compliance of agreed architectural standards
  • Requirements for solutions which are available on the national portals ( and Virk)
  • The Administration Law (regulatory requirements)
  • Security (standards)
  • Single Digital Gateway (regulatory requirements)
  • Integration to the Danish eID-gateway (regulatory requirements)
  • Web accessibility (regulatory requirements)