'NemHandel' is a Danish e-business technology which makes electronic invoicing as easy as sending email.

NemHandel is an open e-business framework which allows businesses to send standardised electronic invoices directly from their PC via the internet in a secure and reliable fashion.

As NemHandel is based on open standards and open source components, any IT vendor or IT service provider may freely incorporate the technology into their commercial products and connect to the open infrastructure, which ensures dissemination and uptake and rapidly builds critical mass.

The purpose of NemHandel is to replace less cost-effective solutions, such as paper invoices and the scanning-based digitisation of paper invoices, as well as to pave the way for more comprehensive digitisation of a range of business processes to reduce the administrative burdens and exploit the powers of ICT in businesses, particularly SMEs.

With NemHandel electronic invoicing is as easy as sending email.

Watch the video 'The Story of NemHandel'

What to remember if your company does business with public-sector costumers

All public sector institutions in Denmark may only accept invoices in electronic format. This affects any company that does business with public-sector customers.

What to remember

When sending an invoice to a public institution, vendors need to ensure that the invoice contains the following information:

  • The EAN-location number of the public customer.
  • An order or requisition number.
  • A person or other reference.
  • An internal account number (optional).

The invoice, which must be in the electronic format of OIOUBL, can be created:

  • Directly through the vendor's accounting system.
  • On the Internet via an invoicing portal.
  • Through the Invoice Portal on
  • By a Read-In service center.