NemHandel initiative and infrastructure

This is a brief introduction to the NemHandel infrastructure and the NemHandel initiative.

The Agency for Digitisation under the Ministry of Finance is behind NemHandel. NemHandel is a national open e-business framework based on a new national service-oriented intrastructure and utilizing state-of-the-art open standards to facilitate the exchange via the internet of e-business documents (e.g. electronic invoices) business-to-government as well as business-to-business.

View the video (in English) 'The Story of NemHandel'

Advanced e-business via PC and the internet

The purpose of NemHandel is to replace less cost-effective solutions, such as the scanning-based digitisation of paper invoices, as well as to pave the way for more comprehensive digitisation of a range of business processes to reduce the administrative burdens and exploit the powers of ICT in businesses, particularly SMEs.

NemHandel allows business to send standardised electronic invoices directly from their PC via the internet in a secure and reliable fashion, and the technology incorporates a document receipt functionality, which provides the sender of a document with a receipt, when the document has reached the intended receiver.

In use by all public authorities and public institutions

In Denmark electronic invoicing is mandatory for suppliers of goods and services when doing business with public authorities and public institutions. In turn, all public authorities and public institutions are capable of receiving NemHandel electronic invoices which has ensured dissemination and uptake and rapidly built critical mass.

Integration into any e-business solution

As NemHandel is based on open standards, any IT vendor or IT service provider may freely incorporate the technology into their commercial products and connect to the open infrastructure, which has further increased dissemination and uptake and built critical mass.

Range of NemHandel solutions

NemHandel solutions fall into 3 main categories:

  • Fully integrated NemHandel-enabled ERP solutions (software or web-based)
  • ERP solutions in combination with an open-source NemHandel message handler client
  • NemHandel-enabled web-based invoicing portals (web forms)

The Agency for Digitisation has made a basic open source NemHandel message handler client available for free download at Digitalisé (website in Danish only) and a basic NemHandel-enabled web-based invoicing portal catering to the needs of very small businesses.

Visit the NemHandel-enabled web-based invoicing portal here

All other existing solutions are provided by private sector IT vendors and service providers who have integrated the NemHandel technology into their existing and new products.

Information for end-users

A targeted website (Danish only) provides user-centric information to end-users and highlights user experiences through video user statements.

Visit (Danish only)

Available for sharing

NemHandel is designed with a view to encourage sharing! The infrastructure is based on open standards and open source and all components are freely available. The Agency for Digitisation actively promotes and encourages reuse of the components by solution providers and others and participate in various knowledge sharing activities. Please contact the Agency for Digitisation for more information.