The Agency for Digitisation also participates in the European Project OpenPEPPOL

Connectivity across Europe

Based on experiences with NemHandel, Denmark has contributed with hands-on expertise to the design, development, and implementation processes of the EU project, PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online), which has succeeded in establishing an open infrastructure very similar to NemHandel to cover the European Union. Denmark is now an active member of the OpenPEPPOL organisation which continues work on the European infrastructure.

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Danish suppliers using the NemHandel network are already able to reach users on the PEPPOL network, and the Agency for Digitisation is working on establishing a gateway between NemHandel and PEPPOL for inbound traffic in order for foreign suppliers on the PEPPOL network to reach Danish Public institutions on the NemHandel network. In the long term the plan is for Denmark to make a full migration from the NemHandel infrastructure to the OpenPEPPOL infrastructure.