NemKonto makes it easier for public authorities to make payments to citizens and companies.

NemKonto is a solution that not only makes it easier but also securely for the public authorities to make payments to citizens and companies by just knowing their CPR or CVR-number.

The solution is a part of law 1203 of the 27th day of December 2003. It states that citizens over the age of 18 are obligated to have a NemKonto. On the 1st day of July 2006, the Danish government extended the law and included companies.

See the law about public payments on (in Danish)

The Agency for Digitization is the responsible authority, system owner and data controller. The Agency of Digitization works with the management of suppliers and handles problems that goes beyond common support. KMD provides the technical support. The financial institutions (i.e. banks) are handling the transactions.

Authorities can benefit from visiting The site will provide more information about NemKonto. It is the primary channel of information regarding NemKonto. It is also possible to find instructions and further guides regarding the solution.