Publication of the two NemLog-in tenders

The Danish Agency for Digitisation has now published both tenders that will maintain and further develop NemLog-in.

NemLog-in plays an important part in the Danish digital infrastructure and makes it possible for citizens and companies to log onto public self-service solutions. The current contract regarding NemLog-in expires in January 2019, thus the solution will be tendered.

The two NemLog-in tenders have been separated into:

  1. A tender for operation
  2. A tender for development and administration

Tender for operation

The operating tender was announced on November 3, 2017. It is based on a continuation of the existing solution.

Go to the tender for operation on the TED database

Tender for development and administration

The second tender, the tender for development and administration, was announced on February 9, 2018. The tender contains initial and further developments, maintenance and administration of NemLog-in.

Go to the tender for development and administration on the TED database

The future functions of NemLog-in3

The current NemLog-in solution will be continued in its entirety and will remain the primary common identity broker/IdP solution and integration point for public service providers. At the same time, it is crucial that the solution is secured for the future so it may be continuously adapted to changing business needs and new technologies.

In addition, NemLog-in3 has the overall responsibility for a new integrated business solution. Thus, new functionalities must be developed to support business identities in NemLog-in3, so the user-oriented administration of business identities takes place in NemLog-in3.

The new development will include:

  • Establishment of a new business IDP, incl. an associated administration portal for business entities to replace the existing "NemID for Business" solution.
  • CA Functionality (OCES) currently delivered as part of NemID.
  • Development of a new combined signing solution based on new signature standards.
  • Access for private service providers toward using NemLog-in as a broker for connecting to MitID.

Close cooperation with MitID

The current NemLog-in is further developed and expanded with new functionalities, which will include some of the functionalities currently covered by NemID today. NemID is tendered in a parallel tender called MitID, and as there are close dependencies between the two solutions, further development of NemLog-in3 will be done in close cooperation with the MitID project.

Read about the MitID tender

More information

You can follow the two NemLog-in tenders at the TED database.

In the coming years, Denmark's digital infrastructure will be rebuilt. Parts of the current solutions for NemLog-in and MitID are maintained, while other elements are fully or partially renewed.

You can read about the future infrastructure for digital identities in Denmark here