Summary of 2016 market dialogue concerning NemLog-in3

In November 2016, the Danish Agency for Digitisation conducted a market dialogue as part of the preparation of the coming invitation to tender for NemLog-in3.

The purpose of the market dialogue on NemLog-in3 has been to provide the Danish Agency for Digitisation with input from the market on technical matters concerning operations, maintenance and further development as well as input concerning legal and contractual conditions.

The dialogue with the market on NemLog-in3 will help to ensure that a competitive tender process can be conducted with attractive pricing.

Separate dialogues with seven suppliers

Seven potential suppliers from Denmark and abroad showed an interest in the project and offered their participation in the market dialogue. Prior to the dialogue, the Danish Agency for Digitisation had proposed two separate invitations to tender for NemLog-in3: an invitation to tender for operations and an invitation to tender for maintenance and further development. The Danish Agency for Digitisation had a market dialogue with two suppliers on operations, further development and maintenance. The dialogue with the other five suppliers concerned only further development and maintenance.

The following suppliers participated in the market dialogue concerning NemLog-in3: IBM Danmark, NNIT, Systematic, Safran, Signaturgruppen, Digital Identity, and ForgeRock.

Learning points and impressions

The general impression from the dialogue was that the suppliers had good knowledge of the requirements to be fulfilled by NemLog-in3.

At the dialogue meetings, the suppliers explained how they would fulfil the requirements outlined by the Danish Agency for Digitisation in advance. Prior to the dialogue meetings, the Danish Agency for Digitisation had issued question frameworks, which the suppliers had completed before the meeting. At the meetings, it was therefore also possible for the Danish Agency for Digitisation to have the suppliers elaborate on answers to specific questions if necessary.

At the dialogue meetings, several suppliers suggested replacing components in the NemLog-in solution during the contract period. Replacement of components in the existing solution also formed the basis of discussions on the application of standard vs. customised solutions. The dialogue on this subject focused on the possibilities and restrictions involved in using the two solutions.

During the meetings, several suppliers pointed out the possibility of one overall invitation to tender for NemLog-in3 instead of dividing it into two tenders, which the Danish Agency for Digitisation has proposed. In this connection, several suppliers had expressed concern as to whether the two tenders would be too small to be interesting. Several suppliers also pointed out that there is a need for "clear rules" in the handover from the supplier(s) of the elements involving further development and maintenance to the supplier of the elements involving operations.

In continuation of the above, it was also discussed at the dialogue meetings whether the further development and maintenance contract should be drawn up as a framework contract with the option of using several suppliers. In this connection, several suppliers noted that a framework contract with several suppliers may give rise to problems with retention for the individual supplier because of an unstable task flow as well as an increased need for coordination between the suppliers. At the same time, several suppliers also pointed out the need for a clear indication of the division of responsibilities and for a definition early in the project of the interfaces between the different suppliers' tasks.

At the dialogue meetings, there were fruitful discussions about the contents of the coming contract(s). Among other things, several suppliers recommended that the appendices to the main contract should not include minimum requirements.

With respect to incentives in contracts, there were a number of different suggestions as to how this should be handled. In general, the message from the suppliers was that the contract should focus on incentives that promote positive behaviour.

Several suppliers recommended dialogue in the contract phase to ensure a common understanding from both/all parties.

As regards the term of the contract, several suppliers pointed out that the best solution would be a term of more than four years.

The next step

The market dialogue has given the Danish Agency for Digitisation valuable input for planning and inviting tenders for NemLog-in3.