Summary of the written market dialogue concerning the operation of NemLog-in3 2017

In April 2017, the Danish Agency for Digitisation conducted a written market dialogue as part of the preparation of the coming invitation to tender for NemLog-in3.

In April 2017 the Danish Agency for Digitisation conducted a written dialogue with potential suppliers that solely focused on the future operation of the solution. In the autumn of 2016 the Agency for Digitisation held market dialogue meetings primarily with development suppliers. In April 2017, the Agency for Digitisation therefore requested a written dialogue focusing exclusively on the future operation of the solution.

The written market dialogue on operation has been intended to provide the Agency for Digitisation with input from potential suppliers for the preparation of the tender concerning operating the NemLog-in3 solution.
IBM and NNIT participated in the written market dialogue.

Main features from the dialogue

One of the topics from the Agency for Digitisation's questionnaire concerned incentives and payment structure. In their response, the suppliers pointed out that there should be transparency surrounding the Agency for Digitisation's requirements and wishes for quality and service in terms of the future operating delivery. In addition, the evaluation criteria used to score incoming offers have to match. The suppliers also pointed out that the operation setup should contain an incentive structure to motivate innovation and efficiency, and that measurement of customer satisfaction is of great importance. Finally, there should be a clear breakdown of fixed and variable costs, as this ensures the lowest possible fluctuations in prices if volume changes.

Another topic in the questionnaire involved cooperation between suppliers. Here, suppliers responded that there is a need to establish a strong and transparent governance structure between suppliers and the Agency for Digitisation. A governing body must be established between the parties, which secures information, but also controls the communication flow between the parties. Additionally, there should also be setup clearly defined interfaces for handling deliveries between the development supplier and the operation supplier.

In regards of ensuring cooperation on security between the different suppliers, the general feedback was that this is best achieved through a collaborative forum on security led by the Agency for Digitisation.

The next step

The market dialogue has given the Danish Agency for Digitisation valuable input toward planning and elaborating the tender of operation for NemLog-in3.