Financial review of government ICT

Financial reviews of central-government ICT analyse government ICT spending, ICT systems and ICT projects.


In 2017 and 2018, respectively, the government conducted financial reviews aiming to identify any spending-policy or management challenges in the ICT area.

The reviews took their outset in three sub-areas:

  • Total spending on central-government ICT.
  • Government ICT projects with a budget of more than DKK 5 million.
  • Critical government ICT systems.

The reviews provide an overall picture of the government ICT area, the composition of the ICT project portfolio, as well as the ICT systems that are critical for society or government activities, and which are in unsatisfactory condition.

Conclusions of the most recent financial review

The most recently published financial review from June 2018 includes responses from 19 ministries with a total of 105 subjacent authorities. The results of the financial review are based on data and assessments submitted by the authorities themselves, and therefore there is some uncertainty in the review.

The results of the most recent financial review show that:

  • The government spends about DKK 7 bn. a year on ICT, i.e. around the same level as the preceding year. The current registration of expenditure still fails to provide adequate insight into what the funds are spent on, and it does not adequately support management and priority-setting in the ICT area. 
  • A total of 183 ICT development projects in progress with a budget of more than DKK 5 million were reported. This is an increase in 10 projects compared with the previous review. Together, the 183 projects have a budget of slightly less than DKK 8 bn. spread over several years. This is an increase of almost DKK 2 bn. compared with the previous financial review. 
  • It is estimated that the government has a total of about 3,800 ICT systems, which is 500 fewer than in the last review. There is no unequivocal reason for this difference, but it could be partly because the authorities have a better insight into their own portfolio of ICT systems. Of these, the authorities estimate that about 377 ICT systems are critical for government or society as a whole. 117 of the critical ICT systems are assessed to be in unsatisfactory condition. Improvements have been initiated for the majority of these systems. 

What are critical ICT systems?

ICT systems critical for business

Are systems in which operational problems could mean that the majority of the authority's employees cannot perform their duties or that the authority has difficulty in fulfilling its administrative obligations. 

ICT systems critical for society

Are systems that are important for national security or for critical infrastructure, and in which misuse of data will have serious consequences, or where operational problems can have a major impact on the economy, or on many citizens and private businesses.