Model for portfolio management of ICT Systems

The cross-governmental model for portfolio management of ICT systems supports a more responsible and more secure management of government ICT systems. This article introduces the model.

Objective of the cross-governmental model for portfolio management of ICT systems

The model for portfolio management of ICT systems supports the individual public authority’s generation of necessary insights regarding the state of its portfolio. This allows for informed decision making on direction and priorities when developing the systems.

This models illustrates the model for managing government ICT system portfolios. The result is in the middel and is the action plan. It consists of six surrounding items. These items are: contracts and sourching, security, business support, technical condition, documentation and knowledge and finance

Structure of the model

The diagram above deconstructs the model into:

  • Mapping dimensions comprising six dimensions: Business support, Technical state, Documentation and knowledge, Finances, Contracts and sourcing, and Security. The analysis will result in:
  • An ICT action plan, which is a forward-looking document outlining the authority’s strategic prioritisation of operation and maintenance activities for its portfolio of ICT systems.


The National ICT Council reviews authorities' ICT actions plans. Authorities are subject to review every three years.

Reviews of authorities commenced in 2018-2020:

  • Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency
  • Agency for Digitisation
  • Agency for Governmental IT services
  • Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment
  • Agency for Public Finance and Management
  • Courts of Denmark
  • Danish Agricultural Agency
  • Danish Business Authority
  • Danish Energy Agency
  • Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Danish Financial Supervisory Authority
  • Danish Geodata Agency
  • Danish Maritime Authority
  • Dansih Medicines Agency
  • Danish Meteorological Institute
  • Danish Police
  • Danish Probation Service
  • Danish Road Directorate
  • Ministry of Children and Education
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Immigration and Integration
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Justice – Department of Civil Affairs
  • Prosecution service
  • Rail Net Denmark
  • Statistics Denmark
  • Work environment in Denmark