Great satisfaction with systems management of shared public IT systems


A new study shows increased satisfaction with the Agency for Digitisation's management of shared public systems.

With the increasing digitisation of Danish society it is a central task to ensure that all the shared public IT solutions are stable and secure. To achieve that, professional systems management has been put in place.

A new study shows increased satisfaction with the Agency for Digitisation's management of shared public systems, such as NemID (national eID), Digital Post, and (citizens' portal). Thus the Agency's focused efforts, among other things greater involvement and communication, are showing results.

Collaboration and timely communication

Danish public authorities expect that the Agency for Digitisation acts as a professional systems manager and involves them in the work. A new satisfaction survey shows that we are on the right track. Among other things, the Agency has gathered several partners in various networks which contribute to dialogue and shared progress within the development projects which are launched.

Timely communication on status of operations and on changes to the central IT systems is an important part of system administration as it contributes to greater transparency and confidence. Therefore, the Agency has established a joint public operations network in which business partners can be in dialogue and coordinate with each other about the operations of the main shared public IT systems.

To provide an overview of the operations of the shared public systems, the Agency has also collected all operating information on (the national platform for collaboration on digitisation), where the current operating status can be tracked. A new version of will be launched in 2016, which will further contribute to the future systems management.

Safe and stable operations

Safe and stable operations is essential for a good systems management and an important element in digitisation of the public sector. There are therefore high expectations from partners and users that central IT systems have a stable operation.

Figures for 2015 show a high average uptime: