Huge market interest in the upcoming tendering procedure for NemID and NemLog-in


Numerous suppliers from Denmark and abroad joined an information meeting held by the Agency for Digitisation in June on the forthcoming major NemID and NemLog-in infrastructure projects.

At the event, the Agency for Digitisation presented the preliminary ideas about the future solutions to replace the current NemID for citizens, NemID employee certificate (used by businesses) and NemLog-in. The event was part of work by the Agency to prepare the market for the upcoming tendering procedures, and it heralded the future market dialogue.

“The event allowed suppliers the opportunity to meet each other, and we hope that it will help pave the way for new and exciting collaboration between suppliers that may be attractive for the upcoming tendering procedures,” said Charlotte Jacoby, Head of Division at the Agency for Digitisation and responsible for the tendering procedures for the next generation of NemID and NemLog-in.

The market dialogue will provide input from potential suppliers for use in drawing up tendering materials for the next generation of NemID for citizens and NemID for businesses.

Next step

In September and October, in collaboration with banks, the Agency for Digitisa-tion will conduct a market dialogue with potential suppliers of the future solu-tions. After this, requirement specifications for the solutions will be drawn up and the tendering procedures are expected to commence in spring 2017.

See material from the information meeting here