New digital strategy - new organisation


In the wake of the launch of the Digital Strategy 2016-2020, we have reorganised the Agency for Digitisation so that we now have the right organisation to realise our high ambitions and to coordinate implementation of the strategy.

The Agency has taken the development of digital Denmark a long way, and today we are a more mature and stronger organisation than we were five years ago, when we were set up. But we must be even better.

For many people, digital solutions have become a routine part of life. The Agency for Digitisation has a pivotal role because we are part of defining the digital Denmark and because we develop and operate many of the major common IT solutions used by Danes every day.

Based on the Digital Strategy 2016-2020, we will develop and operate an effective IT infrastructure, secure a cohesive data architecture, and address important agendas such as IT security, reducing bureaucracy, and determining how government IT projects and IT operations can be made even more effective in the future.

The job of the approximately 200 employees at the Agency is to take on this enormous task together with our large network of public and private cooperation partners. Focus in the new organisation is on strengthening cooperation internally and externally. We have recruited new colleagues, existing managers and staff have been given new responsibilities and roles, and we have streamlined all the Agency’s steering groups. Moreover, new divisions have been set up, and other divisions have taken on new tasks or their existing tasks are now more focussed.

Among the most important changes are:

  • A new ‘Digital Strategy Management Division’ has been set up, and the head of the Division has become the ‘portfolio owner’ at the Agency. The Division will have full overview of initiatives in the Strategy, manage the finances of the Strategy and provide secretariat services, among others for the Portfolio steering group for the Digital Strategy.
  • The Data and Architecture Division is to be enhanced and will have a stronger role internally in coordinating the Agency.
  • A new Legal Issues, Information Security and EU Affairs Division is to be established and part of its responsibilities will be the new EU Data Protection Regulation.
  • Management at the Systems Management and User Experience Division will be enhanced with a new head of division and two team leaders. The head of division will be the Agency’s ‘product owner’. This role will ensure that a single head of division is responsible for coordination between our major systems such as NemID, Digital Post, etc.

Before the summer, the management team was expanded with the appointment of Marianne Sørensen as a Deputy Director. With Director General Lars Frelle-Petersen and the other Deputy Director, Rikke Hougaard Zeberg, Marianne Sørensen will lead the new organisation in realising the ambitious agenda for digital solutions.

See organisational chart and description of divisions here