NemLog-in3 receives input from the market


The Danish Agency for Digitisation has completed a market dialogue with national and international suppliers as part of the preparation for a future invitation to tender for NemLog-in3.

The existing contract on the joint public NemLog-in solution expires in January 2019. Therefore, the Danish Agency for Digitisation is currently busy preparing a future invitation to tender for the solution.

In November 2016, dialogue meetings were held with seven potential suppliers to obtain input for the coming invitation to tender.
The general impression from the dialogue is that the market has good knowledge of the needs for further development, maintenance and operation of the NemLog-in solution. There have been fruitful discussions at the meetings on technical matters concerning operations, maintenance and further development as well as legal and contractual conditions.

Read more about the summary of the Danish Agency for Digitisation’s market dialogue concerning NemLog-in3 here.