Suppliers from Denmark and abroad provide valuable input for the next generation of NemID


The partnership for the next generation of NemID has conducted a market dialogue with a number of national and international suppliers as part of the preparation of the coming invitation to tender for the solution to replace NemID.

On 1 July 2016, the Danish Agency for Digitisation and the banks in Denmark entered into a partnership to jointly procure, develop and operate the solution to replace the current NemID solution for citizens.

In addition, the Danish Agency for Digitisation, on behalf of the public sector, must accommodate the use of NemID in professional contexts, including ensuring a replacement for the so-called digital employee signature.

The preparations are ongoing. In September and October 2016, dialogue meetings with 13 potential suppliers were held to get input for the coming invitation to tender.
The general impression from the dialogue regarding the citizen solution was that the market is more mature than at the time of the last NemID invitation to tender. At the dialogue meetings, the suppliers demonstrated their different operating solutions. There were good discussions about the opportunities offered by standard components and what the partnership should be aware of in connection with the preparation of the tender documents.

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In the business area, the market is less mature than in the citizen area, and the Danish model differs significantly from the way business identities are handled in other countries. It was therefore important to learn that the existing solution for business users, including its application, must be described very carefully to create the right understanding of the requirements for a new solution.

Click here for a summary of the Danish Agency for Digitisation's market dialogue concerning a future solution for the business area.

The contract on the existing NemID expires in November 2017 with the possibility of an extra transitional year. Since it is not possible to extend the existing contract on NemID until the new National Digital Identity and Signing (NDIS) solution is ready to be put into use, the Danish Agency for Digitisation must tender the continuation of the existing solution. The Danish Agency for Digitisation expects no new functionality to be added to this tender since all new features will be part of the tender for the next generation solution (NDIS).

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