Information in English on key policies, initiatives, and solutions


On the English-language pages of the Agency for Digitisation's website we have published information on main policies, major initiatives, and key digital solutions.

Mandatory Digital Self-Service

As part of the ambition to make digital 80 percent of communication between public authorities and citizens, mandatory digital self-service has been introduced in four "waves" up to 2015. Each "wave" involved a set of digital self-service solutions to become mandatory by law.

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Mandatory Digital Post

One of the most ambitious initiatives in digital communication in Denmark is the transition to mandatory Digital Post from public authorities: As of 1 st November 2014, all citizens must be able to receive Digital Post from public authorities.

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Strategy for Digital Welfare

The Danish Government, Local Government Denmark, and Danish Regions have jointly launched a public sector Strategy for Digital Welfare (2013-2020) aiming to accelerate the use of ICT, welfare technology, and telemedicine solutions in frontline public service delivery.

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National eID 'NemID'

'NemID' is the Danish national eID and digital signature which provides secure login with 2-factor authentication to public digital services as well as a range of private digital services, e.g. banking, insurance, etc.

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Citizens' Portal '' is the Danish citizens' portal which, on a one-stop basis, provides access to self-service solutions and public information from all levels of government. 

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Mandatory eInvoicing 'NemHandel'

Based on open standards and open source components, NemHandel is the Danish national digital framework for eInvoicing. For Danish suppliers of goods and services to public authorities and public institutions eInvoicing is mandatory by law.

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IT Projects and Programmes Management in central government

Professional IT projects and IT programmes management is underpinned by a common business case model, IT project model, and IT programme model, and is monitored by a Council for IT Projects.

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