Telemedicine provide citizens with renewed energy


The Danish Lung Association welcomes an initiative to offer telemedicine nationwide for citizens affected by COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). The initiative will decrease the number of exhausting visits to the hospital for patients and hence give patients more energy for playing bingo and strolling.

TeleCare Nord, a Danish large-scale project that has demonstrated the value of telemedicine for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patients, and The Danish Lung Association both find that citizens are satisfied with and approve of the telemedicine equipment. According to The Danish Lung Association, telemedicine is a prized solution for the COPD patients who otherwise experience exhaustive hospitalizations and consider their illness a daily struggle. Director of The Danish Lung Association, Anne Brandt, states:

“Citizens with a chronic lung disease experience enormous unease and anxiety concerning respiration. Because of their lack of ability to breathe properly, everyday life becomes a struggle and their energy level is low. Transporting themselves to the hospital for check-ups can therefore be very tiring. So when the Danish Healthcare Service is able to move closer to the citizens through the use of telemedicine equipment in their homes, it not only ensures them a greater sense reassurance, but also provides them with increased energy for other activities.”

Anne Brandt further explains that the additional energy provides citizens suffering from chronic lung disease with an improved opportunity to keep up both social and physical activities, such as going for a walk or playing bingo.

Connie uses telemedicine in her everyday life

Connie Winther Staffe, 73 years old and from Aalborg, has participated in the TeleCare Nord project and is very pleased with the telemedicine equipment. She now avoids hospitalizations and feels safer. She explains:

”Every Monday morning, I use my TeleKit to measure my blood pressure, oxygen saturation and pulse and I weigh myself. Then I do some exercises. In case the numbers and measurements are alarming, I know that my district nurse, Birthe, or one of the other kind nurses, will give me a call immediately. And if I would like something regarding my medicine changed, I can just talk to the doctor. We try to take precautionary measures against colds and the like in order for me to avoid hospitalization,” Connie says, and continues:

”I’m really happy that I got to keep the TeleKit – it makes me feel safe and that is important!”

The preconditions must be in place

As a result of the great satisfaction with telemedicine among citizens, The Danish Lung Association believes that the technology ought to be available and offered to anyone who might benefit from it. However, some preconditions must be in place before citizens affected by COPD will be able to benefit from the solution, says director of the Danish Lung Association, Anne Brandt:

“The Danish Healthcare Service has the opportunity of easing the lives of those living with a chronic disease in Denmark. If we can organize this in the right way, this technology can ensure a greater coherence between the offers of Healthcare systems and the necessary differentiation regarding the needs of chronic patients. Naturally, in order to be successful, we have to ensure that the telemedicine is firmly anchored in the professional healthcare environments surrounding the patients.”

Today, the national dissemination of telemedicine for COPD patients has launched, and hopefully the new patients will also experience increased energy levels in the coming years.

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