Status for major IT projects


The IT Project Council has published its status report for major IT projects for the first half-year 2016.

Twice a year, the IT Project Council publishes a status report on major government IT projects with regard to timetable, budget and benefit realisation. The IT Project Council has been publishing these reports since its establishment in 2011. A total of 71 IT projects have been monitored by the IT Project Council since 2011.

Status of projects and programs

A total of 26 projects have reported on their progress for the first half of 2016. The Council gives all projects a traffic light on the basis of the reports from the projects on any deviations from the planned timetable, budget and benefit realisation. In this status report, the Landspatientregistret (national patient registry) (Health Data Authority) and the Grunddataprogrammet (basic data programme) (Agency for Digitisation) were allocated red traffic lights. In addition to this, five projects were allocated yellow traffic lights and 18 projects received green traffic lights. One project was not allocated a traffic light.

Read more and download an abstract and the status report here (in English)