The Basic Data Programme to be re-planned


The Basic Data Programme has been delayed by one year and completion is now expected in mid-2018. Work on property and address data has met a series of challenges and this has made it necessary to draw up a new timetable for the Basic Data Programme.

The sub-programmes with real property data (GD1) and addresses (GD2) has been improved and the various register systems have been adjusted and redeveloped. In May 2016, a cross-cutting test was initiated and the full test was planned so that registers and services could be implemented on the Data Distributor in May 2017.


However, the required progress in the cross-cutting tests has not taken place, as a number of challenges and delays in the individual registers have been encountered,

particularly in relation to the links between the registers themselves and between the registers and the common Data Distributor.

The Basic-Data Committee (a committee governing the Basic Data Programme) is prioritising a thorough and adequate test and therefore has decided to commence work to establish a test and implementation plan that takes account of the delays and that will ensure a smooth transition for users.

As a consequence of the re-planning, data will be accessible on the Data Distributor in a changed sequence, although all data, except real property data and address data, will be accessible during 2017.

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