A solid ICT foundation


The Danish government has launched “A solid ICT foundation – Strategy for ICT management in central government”. This is a strategy designed not only to ensure a responsible approach to state ICT management but also to contribute to a better overview of central government ICT spending, stronger ICT expertise within central government, and also greater collaboration on common solutions, data sharing and basic ICT operations.

Here at the Danish Agency for Digitisation, we have led the work to develop this strategy, and I am both happy with and proud of the final result. Especially, I am pleased that the strategy has a strong focus on ICT systems portfolio management within central government organisations.

Since 2011, we have worked actively to create better digital projects – and we will keep on doing so, but it is more than time for us to also focus on the operation of the systems that play an essential role in government sector activities every single day. Yet, it should be made clear that coming up with the strategy is only a small part of these efforts. For us here at the Agency for Digitisation, it is now a matter of implementing the initiatives and this is an area where all central government organisations play a key role.

Central government managers are the people with a great deal of responsibility for making sure we pull our weight, and over the next four years we will be going the extra mile to improve the way we work with ICT – this strategy is the first step towards success and I hope that you will welcome it with open arms.

Best regards
Rikke Hougaard Zeberg

Read the strategy for ICT management in central government