Animation about digital communication in six languages


Three short animations about Digital Post, NemID and NemSMS are now available in six languages. They will help ICT-challenged Danes to start using the digital solutions provided by the public sector.

In June 2017, the Danish Agency for Digitisation launched three animations about Digital Post, NemID and NemSMS in Danish and Arabic. These films have now been translated into another four languages: English, Turkish, Farsi, and Somali. Subtitles in all the languages mentioned are also provided.

The aim of the films is to reassure citizens about digital communication with public authorities. The three short animations focus on everyday situations experienced by most Danes and are meant to encourage more people to use Digital Post, NemID and NemSMS.

The three shorts animations are part of the joint public sector digital strategy 2016–2020.

Watch the animations here

And you will find the English versions here


Digital Post

  • 4.8 million citizens over the age of 15 have signed up to Digital Post. This corresponds to 90.3 per cent of those who are eligible to do so.
  • The latest statistics as of 1 November 2017 show that only 3.9 per cent of the registered citizens who have received Digital Post in the last six months did not log into Digital Post during that period. This figure also includes citizens who receive a notification SMS or notification e-mail telling them that they have received new digital letters in Digital Post and from which sender but who make a deliberate choice not to logon to read this post (e.g. if they know it is a pay slip or something similar).
  • In 2016, the public authorities sent a total of 112.6 million items of Digital Post to citizens and businesses.


  • 4.7 million citizens have a NemID.
    NemID is used for logging onto online banks, public services and a wide variety of private services.


  • 2.1 million citizens have signed up for the NemSMS service from public authorities
  • NemSMS allows the authorities to easily and efficiently send appointment reminders to citizens via SMS.