Call for tender for central ICT infrastructure


A call for tender for the new generation Digital Post solution has now been published and the Danish Agency for Digitisation encourages suppliers to read the tender documents and bid for the contract. The solution performs the essential task of securely distributing digital post from the public sector to citizens and businesses throughout Denmark.

The Danish Agency for Digitisation has just issued the tender documents for the Digital Post solution of the future that will handle important communication between authorities, citizens and businesses. The new solution must be ready when the current contract ends in 2020.

Public authorities have turned to digital communication with citizens and businesses in recent years. This means that just under 4.4 million citizens and just over 760,000 companies currently receive Digital Post from the public sector.

“By putting the Digital Post solution out to tender, we are setting the course of public sector digital communications of the future. This is a development that will have an impact on many Danes. User-friendliness and security are therefore top priorities,” says Stine Hegelund Bertelsen.

“We’ve seen wide interest from the market and that’s why we’re also looking forward to receiving bids from the suppliers. It will be an exciting collaboration and a huge task to develop the Digital Post solution of the future,” continues Stine Hegelund Bertelsen, Head of Division at the Danish Agency for Digitisation.

The Agency has maintained regular dialogue with stakeholders about the solution of the future; this has included a consultation process, technical dialogue, information meetings and reviewing analysis results.

The final tender documents can be found on the EU’s TED website (Tenders Electronic Daily), where the process for the call for tenders is also described in more detail:

Read the tender documents

Read more about the background and the project (in Danish)