New Deputy Director-General in the Danish Agency for Digitisation


Adam Lebech is an experienced digital musketeer. He joined the executive management of the Danish Agency for Digitisation as Deputy Director-General.

Mr. Adam Lebech joined the executive management of the Danish Agency for Digitisation as Deputy Director-General from a position as Director of DI Digital – a trade organisation under the Confederation of Danish Industries. He successfully strengthened the digital profile and the importance of digitisation on the political agenda of the organisation.

Ms. Rikke Hougaard Zeberg, Director-General, says:

“It is very rare that you can find a profile who matches our expectations 100 percent. But in this case I think we have succeeded. Adam has a solid experience in working with digitisation and ICT. He knows the political agenda and the bureaucratic virtues of being a civil servant in the central government. At the same time he is also genuinely interested in ICT and is very competent when it comes to e.g. running large ICT projects and working with efficient and effective system management. And finally, he is an experienced manager and hit the ground running from day one."

An Agency in growth

Since its establishment in 2011, the Danish Agency for Digitisation has been put in charge of a growing number of tasks. Today, it has more than 200 employees. The area is at the centre of attention politically, and a large coherency reform of the public sector is under preparation. Many concrete challenges are waiting, e.g. management of ICT in central government and information and cyber security. It is thus an Agency with many different tasks Adam join the executive management team to lead.

Before his time at DI Digital, Adam has hold a number of management positions at the Danish Ministry of Economy and the Interior and the National IT and Telecom Agency. He started his career in the Ministry of Finance as part of the Digital Task Force in 2001 and he has thus been part of public sector digitisation from day one.