The public is still satisfied with Digital Post


Once a year, the Agency for Digitisation conducts a user satisfaction survey among people who use Digital Post. Satisfaction is still high.

This year’s survey shows that 82 pct. of the respondents interviewed are satisfied with receiving their letters in the public sector digital letterbox solution - Digital Post.

Satisfaction with Digital Post has steadily increased in recent years. Citizens have increasingly received more digital letters from the public sector. Since November 2014, it has been mandatory for citizens over the age of 15 to receive digital letters from the public sector and an annual user satisfaction survey has also been conducted since that date.

In 2017, the survey shows that 82 pct. of the users are either satisfied or very satisfied with Digital Post.Only 7 pct. are either slightly dissatisfied or extremely dissatisfied. In 2016, 81 pct. were either satisfied or very satisfied with Digital Post.

Sense of security with Digital Post has increased by 4 pct. The survey shows that 81 pct. of respondents feel secure with receiving their public letters in Digital Post, which is an increase from 2016 when 77 pct. of respondents felt secure.

Despite the small percentage increase in sense of security from 2016, there is still room for improvement. Among other things, the survey indicates that “Easy access to communicating with the public sector” is particularly important to overall satisfaction with Digital Post. Therefore, the Agency for Digitisation will work towards an even easier access to communicating with the public sector.

The survey in brief

  • The survey was conducted in June 2017 by Epinion for the Agency for Digitisation.
  • 13,187 respondents of a wide range of ages participated in the survey.

About Digital Post

In 2016, public authorities sent 112.6 million digital letters to citizens and companies using the Digital Post solution. Today, 4.3 million citizens receive digital letters from public authorities.

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