Danish digital solutions were a hit in 2016


A total of 32 delegations from 19 countries visited the Agency for Digitisation during 2016 to hear about Danish experience with eGovernment. In fact, 24 delegations came in just the autumn, following publication of the Digital Strategy 2016-2020.

Other countries are extremely interested in Denmark and Danish experience with digitisation of the public sector.

They have been quick to take note of the Danish approach to digital solutions, with its strong focus on efficiency improvements and better public services from using IT and welfare-technology solutions. A record number of foreign delegations made their way to Copenhagen and the Agency for Digitisation: 32 delegations during the year, of which 24 visited in just the second half-year following publication of the Digital Strategy 2016-2020.

“The number of visits by foreign delegations in 2016 has broken all records, and all our visitors can see the benefits from learning from the Danish approach to digitisation and applying this back home. And this makes us very proud,” said Director-General Lars Frelle-Petersen, and he continued: “Digital Post, our national citizen portal - borger.dk, NemID (eID solution) and the way we’ve chosen to manage IT projects and programs using business cases are particularly popular aspects for our foreign visitors.”

In 2016, there were visits from delegations from the whole world, including Nordic countries such as Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden as well as a number of EU member states, including the Netherlands, Lithuania, Slovenia and Germany. Asian countries such as Japan, Malaysia and Singapore also found their way to the Agency for Digitisation.