Solid foundation for - the national citizen portal - in the ongoing work with personalised content


With 36.6 million visits in 2016, is a key platform for the public sector's efforts to create better digital user journeys and communication that better targets the individual citizen.

In the coming years, the work of digitisation in the public sector will, to a large degree, involve increasing user-friendliness and creating a digital public sector that is more cohesive and easier to understand. The public must feel that they are well-guided through the process when they get in contact with public institutions.

In this context, plays a central role as a digital gateway to the public sector for the citizens. In the future, we will need to "tailor" the content on to a much more, so that it is customised for each individual citizen who visits the portal in order to find information and take advantage of the digital self-service options.

Successful transition the a new CMS

The Danish Agency for Digitisation has recently implemented a new CMS on The project demonstrated that it actually is possible to change the motor on a plane while it is in the air without crashing the plane. The transition went according to plan and without the public experiencing the least bit of turbulence.

With the new CMS, we now have a technical platform that makes it possible to present new relevant data for citizens and target the content for the specific segments of the public who use the portal. In particular, needs to support cross-cutting user journeys, for example in connection with moving, something we are working on as a part of the common public sector digitisation strategy 2016-2020.

Solid foundation for more personalisation

Brand new figures from an awareness analysis and a user satisfaction survey of demonstrate that there is a high level of awareness and satisfaction with the site among Danes. Nine out of ten Danes know of and 87 pct. are generally satisfied with it. is thus off to a flying start in 2017. And I therefore dare to say that we are now standing on a solid foundation in relation to living up to the ambitions in the common public sector digitisation strategy regarding better and more cohesive digital service.

Ambitious crosscutting cooperation

At the same time, it is important to stress that a great amount of work still remains if we are to realise the goals set out in the strategy. Co-operation with other public authorities, both regarding the provision of the public with an overview of an insight into their own data but also regarding the continuation of operating and developing the editorial co-operation that already exists across the public sector and different areas of competencies, is absolutely crucial for success. Finally, we would also like to create even better options for citizens who use mobile phones and other similar devices.


Best regards
Lars Frelle-Petersen