Danes know about borger.dk - the national citizen portal - and there is a high level of satisfaction with the site


Surveys of citizens' awareness of and satisfaction with borger.dk were conducted in December 2016, and the results were positive. The conclusion is that there is a high level of awareness regarding borger.dk and that more and more Danes feel that borger.dk provides them with benefits that they do not get from other places when they need to contact the public sector.

"I am not just satisfied; I am impressed," writes a 67-year-old citizen in response to borger.dk's User Satisfaction Survey for 2016. And that is also the general opinion that is reflected in the report on the survey, where 87 pct. of the respondents were generally satisfied with borger.dk. In comparison, the figure for general satisfaction in 2013 was 78 pct.

At the same time, one of the main conclusions from the survey is that Danes have welcomed borger.dk to a greater extent. 64 pct. of the respondents indicated that borger.dk provides them with benefits that they cannot get from other places. The corresponding figure from the previous year was 56 pct.

The level of awareness of borger.dk among Danes is also high. The awareness analysis indicates that nine out of ten Danish citizens still express awareness of the portal when they are asked whether they have heard of borger.dk. The degree of awareness is thus at the same high level as it was in 2015, which is also reflected in the fact that the percentage of Danes who have visited borger.dk has risen significantly from 32 million visitors in 2015 to 36.6 million in 2016.

Good content and self-service solutions

The overall positive impression that the Danes have of borger.dk is supported by, among other things such as the quality of the content on the site. 86 pct. of the respondents either agreed or agreed very much when asked if they found the content on borger.dk to be written in clear and easily understood language. At the same time, the citizens feel that it has become (even) easier to find the information they are looking for on borger.dk. 81 pct. of the respondents easily found what they were looking for, versus 78 pct. in 2015. In terms of the technical aspects, borger.dk works, and the self-service solutions have gotten even better.

High level of trust in borger.dk

The Danes feel a high level of trust in using borger.dk (87 pct.), and there are generally few people who indicate a lack of trust, insecurity, or who don't feel that they can use borger.dk. The people who do not feel confident in using borger.dk are mainly not comfortable in using computers in general.

"We are very satisfied with the continued high degree of awareness of and satisfaction with borger.dk," says Ms. Helle Junge Nielsen, Head of Division. Ms. Nielsen is convinced that the positive figures reflect, among other things, the fact that the Danish Agency for Digitisation continues to place an even greater focus on optimising the user-friendliness of the portal: "We can, of course, always optimise the portal and make it better, but on the whole we are very pleased with the fact that so many citizens have a positive overall impression of borger.dk. It emphasises the fact that it helps to strive continually for a high level of quality within digital service in the public sector. In particular, I note that there has been an increase in the number of citizens who answered that borger.dk provides them with benefits that they can't get other places, and this indicates that our efforts to create a better user experience for citizens are moving in the right direction.”

The awareness survey was conducted by Wilke for the Danish Agency for Digitisation in December 2016. A total of 803 people took part in the survey, which was carried out through telephone interviews.

The user satisfaction survey was conducted by Peytz for the Danish Agency for Digitisation in December 2016. The responses were collected via a pop-up on borger.dk with a total of 4,689 responses.