Twice a year, an editor from the Danish citizens portal borger.dk participates in editorial board meetings for Your Europe, the European Commission’s webportal for citizens and businesses in the EU.

Your Europe is run by a central editorial board in the European Commission. The portal’s content is supplied by the various departments of the European Commission and supplemented by content from public authorities in the individual EU member states. In Denmark, the task of providing information to the portal’s citizen section is undertaken by the Danish Citizens’ Portal (borger.dk) at the Danish Agency for Digitisation. In this respect, an editor from borger.dk’s central editorial team is required to participate in two annual editorial board meetings.

The editor must also regularly deliver content and market Your Europe in Denmark by coordinating with other Danish authorities on, for example creating links to the portal from the public authorities’ websites. borger.dk regularly provides, for example, links to Your Europe, which contains information in all official EU languages. When it comes to the business section of the portal, it is an editor from the Danish business portal virk.dk who participates. The Danish business portal under the responsibility of the National Business Authority.

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Visions and goals for knowledge sharing

The two annual editorial board meetings aim partly at sharing knowledge and experience about the work on the portal and partly at enabling editors from all EU member states to exchange experience about their own countries’ national web portals. This makes the meetings a good place to bring web-editors together and offer them an opportunity to create networks across EU member states.

At the meetings, the agenda typically focuses on the latest news about Your Europe, in which the central editorial board gives presentations on its work, future plans and expectations of the other countries’ editors. At each meeting, at least one of the other member states’ editors also tells about their country’s citizen or business portal – or both - and the latest new developments.


Your Europe

Your Europe is an EU portal designed to help inform citizens in European countries of their rights as EU citizens in all areas. This could be information, for example, about moving, living, studying, working, shopping for food or just travelling in other countries. Or as a company do business abroad. The objective is to avoid undue difficulty and bureaucracy. The portal has 17 million visitors each year. In comparison, borger.dk has 37 million annual visitors.

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The most recent editorial board meeting was held in Brussels in the beginning of April, in which results of the latest user.