NemID reaches four billion transactions


The everyday life is digital and that was manifested in March as NemID passed four billion transactions.

Since 2014, the number of transactions with NemID (the Danish eID/digital signature solution) has doubled and the rapid growth shows that the Danish citizens jointly have incorporated the digital signature into their everyday lives. NemID is used over a million times a day as an easy and secure key to all of digital Denmark.

Nearly seven years after launching in 2010, NemID provides access to public digital self-services, online banking and more than 400 private services for 4.7 million users.

“We are very proud to pass yet another milestone that really shows that the Danish citizens have integrated NemID as a regular part of their digital lives. NemID is one of the key parts of the digital infrastructure in Denmark and therefore we are happy with the widespread use and trust in NemID”, says Ms. Lise Ebbensgaard, Head of Division and NemID Product Owner at the Agency for Digitisation.

The annual satisfaction survey on NemID illustrates a high amount of trust and satisfaction with the digital solution among the citizens. In addition, NemID is increasingly considered a secure access to all of digital Denmark.