New national action plan for open government


Denmark has drawn up and published a new national action plan as part of the international collaboration "Open Government Partnership”.

"Open government" is to contribute to ensuring that public services and information are provided in a modern and efficient manner; that innovation and value-creation are stimulated and supported throughout society; and that knowledge, participation, transparency, cooperation and cohesion are all strengthened.
A key driving force in this effort is utilising new technologies and media that allow for making public information available to citizens and businesses and that also promote cooperation between the public sector and civil society. An area, moreover, where Denmark is currently leading the way.

Working together on the action plan

As an element of participating in the international collaboration "Open Government Partnership” the Danish Government has drawn up a national action plan for the period 2017-2019. The action plan is based on input from a public consultation involving a broad range of stakeholders, where citizens, businesses, NGO's and public authorities had an opportunity to put forward their proposals for initiatives and activities.

The action plan contains 14 initiatives, divided into four themes:

  • More and better open data
  • Tailored data to ensure a basis for citizen participation
  • Working together for a better public sector
  • A global effort for openness.

Download the Open Government Partnership National action plan 2017-2019 (pdf)

About the Open Government Partnership

Since 2011, Denmark has participated in the international initiative "Open Government Partnership" (OGP), the purpose of which is to promote good governance, strengthen democracy and utilise digital technology to improve society. By participating in the partnership, member states commit to implementing initiatives which will increase transparency and inclusive governance, foster civic participation and dialogue with civil society, step up the fight against corruption and increase accountability.

The Danish Agency for Digitisation is responsible for the overall coordination of Denmark's work with the OGP.

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