Cohesion improves user journeys for citizens moving


A newly conducted analysis improves five ways of enhancing user journeys for citizens in the process of moving.

The goal of initiative 1.1 in common public sector Digital Strategy 2016-2020 is to create more cohesive digital user journeys. The analysis, conducted by Designit Consultancy, recommends five ways of improving how citizen experience digital public sector services when moving:

  • A moving guide – presents an overview of the user journey.
  • Facilitate my change of address – presents an overview of which authorities that do/do not get an automatic notification when changing address.
  • Choosing a general practitioner (GP) – improves the citizens’ choice of GP.
  • Remember your preliminary income assessment – reminds the citizen of the need for changes.

Housing subsidy when moving – simplifies legal requirements and improves the basis for understanding the correlation between the process of moving and attaining housing benefits.

In addition, the analysis pointed to the following prerequisites for achieving a cohesive user journey when moving: a) improved language and communication; b) transparency; and c) accessibility and simplification.

The above mentioned recommendations were formed by adopting an “outside-in” perspective on the user journey, that is, by examining user-experienced challenges when moving. It has subsequently been examined how these challenges are likely to be overcome by the public authorities. The authorities involved will proceed with the task of analyzing the possibilities of implementing the recommendations.

Service design is a well-known method when analyzing user experience of a service which in this particular case goes across public authorities (and even private operators). The analysis provides municipal, regional and central government with their first joint experience of applying the service design method to the analysis of user-journeys across public authorities.

The participating municipal, regional and central government will continually pick up on the experiences working with user-journeys across authorities and sectors. The overall aim of this is to share knowledge on the use of service design methods and preparing a decision on the need for further analysis on cohesive user-journeys for citizens and companies.


Designit Consultancy conducted the analysis from January-April 2017 on behalf of the participating municipal, regional and central government. The analysis is based on nine qualitative interviews with citizens who recently moved. Public authorities have been involved throughout the process, but the report mainly reflects the recommendations as formulated by Designit. The recommendations are to be further discussed by the authorities involved.

Read the full report (only in Danish)

Bedre brugeroplevelser ved sammenhængende brugerrejser for flytning (pdf).