Nets DanID A/S will deliver the future NemLog-in


With the chosen supplier for the development and management of NemLog-in, the Danish Agency for Digitisation has now reached an important milestone in the journey towards the future digital infrastructure.

The Danish Agency for Digitisation has now signed a contract with Nets DanID A/S as supplier for the development and management of NemLog-in in the coming years.

The procurement process has been completed with a thorough and structured evaluation of the submitted offers. The evaluation has shown that Nets DanID A/S delivered the offer with the best balance  between price and quality. That is why Nets DanID A/S has won the contract, which was signed today.

The contract for the development and management of NemLog-in is an important part of the future digital infrastructure. The goal is to build long-term and coherent solutions with a high degree of flexibility, which the public sector at the same time gains ownership to continue when the contracts expire.

Looking forward, NemLog-in will include a business solution that replaces NemID to Business. There has been placed high demands concerning ease of use and flexibility in the new solution.

"With this agreement we have taken a big step towards a new and unified business solution. It will facilitate many of the administrative challenges that business users experience compared to NemID today. Now we can start realizing the plans, and we are looking forward to it," says Deputy Director of the Danish Agency for Digitisation, Adam Lebech.

The offers received from the suppliers have generally been of high quality. They have been evaluated based on criteria that have been determined from the very beginning, and which have been publicly available throughout the entire procurement process.

With Nets DanID A/S as the chosen supplier for the development and management of NemLog-in, the entire procurement process for the new NemLog-in, which began with the publication of the tender document in February 2018, is now over. In May 2018, the contract for the operation of NemLog-in was awarded to NNIT A/S.

What happens next?

Immediately within the New Year, the work will begin. Nets DanID A/S will take over the reins for the business development from the existing supplier. This includes, among other things, that the source code of the existing NemLog-in solution is transferred, and that Nets DanID A/S commit to support, manage and maintain the running solution. In parallel, an analysis phase is being carried out for the upcoming development task, where NemLog-in will include a new business solution. After which the development phase starts with the development of new features.

Migration of business users is expected to be completed in 2021.

Keep up-to-date

On The Danish Agency for Digitisation’s website concerning the future implementation tasks you can follow the process (in danish). Here decision-makers, primarily at user organizations and service providers, can keep up-to-date regarding the ongoing information meetings and webinars regarding the upcoming changes.

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