Four suppliers are now competing for MitID


A broad field of candidates looks promising for MitID – the future identity and authentication solution in Denmark, that will replace NemID.

Nine suppliers have applied to be prequalified for the MitID tender. Four of those are now invited to go further in the tender process. The four prequalified suppliers are:

Main supplier - Subcontractors
CSC Danmark A/S - Entreprise Services Belgium BVBA and Worldline France
Gemalto Danmark A/S - Gemalto AB, Gemalto Oy, Gemalto Middle East, Gemalto Inc. and NNIT A/S
KMD A/S - Nexus Technology GmbH and Nexus Technology SAS
Nets DanID A/S - Nets Danmark A/S

“The market has shown considerable interest in the MitID tender and the project has drawn attention from both international and Danish suppliers. It has been our goal to create the greatest possible competition for the solution and I am happy that with the four tenderers this seems very promising. We have an exciting time ahead of us,” says deputy director-general in the Danish Agency for Digitisation Adam Lebech.

The four suppliers are chosen because of their professional competence in the form of references that have documented relevant experience. Good ideas aren’t enough. The partnership behind MitID makes high demands for good reasons when it comes to innovation and future-proofing as well as the stability and safety of the solution.

“We now have four strong suppliers that are interested in contributing to a solid solution for MitID which is both user-friendly and modern. It is four suppliers with relevant experiences and competences to contribute to the unique collaboration behind MitID, where the public and private sector collaborates to ensure the national digital infrastructure,” says executive director of digitisation at Finance Denmark Michael Busk-Jensen.

The process ahead

The deadline for submission of preliminary tenders is april 6th 2018 after followed by negotiations between the partnership and the prequalified suppliers. After the negotiations the tender material will be adjusted and the suppliers will submit a final tender.

According to the plan the contract will be signed in February 2019 with the supplier that has submitted the tender with the best price-quality ratio.

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Facts about MitID

  • MitID is the name of NemID’s successor
  • The solution is sent out to tender due to expiry of the NemID contract with Nets
  • The contract will be signed in the beginning of 2019
  • According to the plan MitID is put into operation during the second half of 2020
  • The contract value for MitID is estimated to 900 mio. kr. for the development and a 10 year operation period with an option for a two year extension
  • NemID will close after a transition to the new solution.