Progress in 2017 with Digital Strategy 2016-2020


In 2017, the initiatives in the common public sector Digital Strategy reached a number of significant milestones that will help improve digital public services. This has been confirmed in the annual status report.

The common public sector Digital Strategy was launched in May 2016, so the strategy will soon be half-way through the five-year strategy period. This is also clear from the results achieved in 2017.

In 2016, the strategy initiated a lot of work across the central government, the regions and the municipalities to strengthen digitisation of the public sector in a number of areas. This annual status report for 2017 shows that this work is now bearing fruit. In 2017, we completed work on drawing up tender documents for the future generations of Digital Post, MitID (the next generation eID) and NemLog-in (next generation single-sign-on), which constitute the backbone of the public-sector ICT infrastructure. Moreover, we launched a white paper on a common public sector digital ICT architecture, and this will form the basis for linking the public sector together even better.

Ms. Louise Palludan Kampmann, Head of Division at the Agency for Digitisation

A number of the initiatives in the strategy have also completed analyses that will form the basis for the measures to be implemented in the years to come. At the same time, campaigns on information security have been conducted, and in light of the ever-growing threat from ICT crime, these will help Danes to be more secure when they are online.

You can read about all this and much more in the Annual Status Report for 2017.

Click here to download the Annual Status Report 2017