Citizens are pleased with the national citizen portal


Citizens are satisfied with the national citizen portal Nine out of ten citizens are satisfied with the portal. The same applies for their confidence in; 93 pct. feel confident in using

The satisfaction in 2016with the national citizen portal looked as if it would be hard to beat. Nevertheless, last year’s user survey shows that satisfaction with rose by a full five percentage points to 92 pct.

The survey was conducted in December 2017. At the same time, citizens thought that the content on had improved. Assessments of the quality of content also rose from 81 pct. to 87 pct.

The survey also questioned people’s confidence in and there was good news here too. A total of 93 pct. of citizens generally feel confident in using the portal. This is an increase from the 87 pct. for 2016.

“It’s extremely pleasing that satisfaction and confidence in the portal are so high, and not least that the figures continue to rise. This means that all our work to secure the quality of content and to put ourselves in the place of the users has paid off as we intended,”

Ms. Rikke Hougaard Zeberg

User-friendliness first

Collaboration across the public sector is vital for user-friendliness on This applies for collaboration with all the central government and municipal authorities on editorial content, online self-service solutions, and not least on getting people’s data on individual customised “my page” on the portal together with the rest of

And it looks like it is working.

The survey on use of shows more user-friendliness, as 87 pct. of users consider that it is easy to find what they are looking for. This is an increase of six percentage points compared with 2016.

Similarly, 91 pct. of citizens consider that the texts are written clearly and are easy to understand. This is an increase from 86 pct. in 2016.

Ms. Rikke Hougaard Zeberg is happy that collaboration has produced such good results and that people are experiencing an easy-to-use portal.

“For us, it is crucial that gives citizens easy and quick access to public authorities. They experience that the system is working well. And that is really good news. They can find relevant content without problem, the content is easy to understand, and it is easy to get problems solved using the digital services provided by authorities.”

Work on adapting the content to user needs is an ongoing process and is constantly under development.

“This year, we are working hard to offer users a customised user experience with relevant content and own data on “my page” at,”

Ms. Rikke Hougaard Zeberg concluded.

The user satisfaction survey was conducted in December 2017 by the consultancy firm Peytz og Co. for the Danish Agency for Digitisation. The responses were collected via pop-ups on There was a total of
4 285 responses.