The contract with the operation supplier for NemLog-in has been signed


The task concerning the continuation and operation of NemLog-in3 has been assigned and a contractual agreement has been established in-between the Danish Agency for Digitisation and NNIT A/S, who delivered the offer with the best balance between price and quality.

Between the four prequalified suppliers the contract was won by NNIT. As NNIT already manages the operation of NemLog-in today the continuation of the solution will reside with the existing supplier. 

The Danish Agency for Digitisation has worked to make all documentation available and to keep the process fully transparent. Throughout the tender material the assignment has been thoroughly described, source code has been made available, and the offers have been evaluated through an objective assessment based on the award criteria’s described in the tender material. 

As the operation supplier, NNIT must collaborate with the forthcoming application supplier, who is expected to be appointed by the end of 2018. Thus, the operation contract initiates the first steps toward a new digital infrastructure in Denmark. 

”The journey towards the future digital infrastructure has begun and we are excited. We have now begun to realize a coherent and durable solution with a high degree of flexibility which supports better user experiences, as we have anticipated,” says deputy director at the Danish Agency for Digitisation, Adam Lebech. 

Unchanged interfaces 

Although NNIT, under the new contract, must make modifications to the infrastructure, the new contract will not make direct changes to the current interfaces. This implies that service providers who are currently connected to NemLog-in will not experience the transition to the new contract.

As something new, the operation and development of NemLog-in are offered separately. This entails that the operation supplier must collaborate with the NemLog-in application supplier, whom will be designated ultimo 2018. With the development tender an application supplier is sought for new and further development, maintenance and management of NemLog-in3. 

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Fact box

NemLog-in is the portal to public digital self-service. The joint public single-sign-on and user rights management solution has today more than 300 it-systems connected, and 250.000 companies and public authorities have been established as user organizations. 

The operation of NemLog-in was placed as tender in November 2017 and the tender for the development and management of NemLog-in was published in February 2018.