Denmark leads the world in e-government


On July 19th, 2018, the UN released its 2018 e-Government Survey and for the first time ever Denmark is at the top of the list. When setting its benchmark, the UN placed particular emphasis on the fact that Denmark has succeeded in striking a balance between efficient e-government solutions and helping the individual.

The UN has released its e-government benchmark biennially since 2001, and in the 2018 ranking of e-government efforts among the 193 United Nation member states, Denmark is at the top of the list for the first time.


Denmark’s top ranking is fully deserved. I’m extremely pleased to see that our years of hard work to implement e-government solutions that are easy to use for both citizens and businesses have finally paid off in the international benchmarks. The United Nations benchmark confirms that we’ve got it right and that our efforts will help prepare the public sector for the future and subsequently benefit everyone. [...] Our global e-government top ranking is a strong starting point, paving the way for further development of e-government solutions in the years to come, to provide even more coherent services for citizens and businesses. And this is precisely what the Government’s upcoming coherence-reform will focus on,”

Said Sophie Løhde, Danish Minister for Public Sector Innovation.

 Since the last benchmarking in 2016, Denmark has taken a quantum leap from ranking as number 9 to the top of the list in 2018. It is in particular Denmark’s many digital solutions, and the fact that both citizens and businesses use these solutions routinely, that has helped Denmark become the world leader in e-government.

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