New Model for Portfolio Management is to Secure Better Control of Government ICT Systems


A new model for portfolio management of government ICT systems will support more responsible and secure management of government ICT systems. Strengthening the National ICT Council will have the same effect.


The introduction of a model for portfolio management of government ICT systems means that it is now mandatory for all government authorities to outline their portfolio of ICT systems, to prepare an ICT action plan for their portfolio, and to have this reviewed by the National ICT Council.

With this initiative, the aim is that the management of all government authorities will be more knowledgeable about the ICT systems they use, and how these ICT systems support the authorities’ work. This will facilitate ongoing improvements that may be essential for ensuring the security of the systems.  

The initiative is part of the Strategy for ICT Management in Central Government, which was launched by Sophie Løhde, Minister for Public Sector Innovation, after a financial review revealed too many blind spots in government ICT portfolio management. Currently, there is no overview of how funds are spent and the quality of the authorities’ ICT performance varies too much with regard to management of ICT portfolios and maintenance of ICT systems.

Therefore, there is a need to work more professionally and systematically with the portfolio management, says director general of the Agency for Digitisation, Rikke Hougaard Zeberg:

As an authority, we have a huge responsibility to keep government ICT systems updated, user-friendly and secure. The two financial reviews demonstrate that we are not good enough at this, and therefore several initiatives have been launched, here among the model for portfolio management, which will contribute to a more well-maintained and secure ICT system portfolio.

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National ICT Council to be expanded and enhanced

Another important initiative is strengthening the National ICT Council. In addition to reappointing the current members of the Council, five new members will join the Council, all of whom have solid experience in ICT management; experience that will be of great benefit to government authorities in the review process of their portfolios and action plans. 

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