New national strategy: Artificial intelligence should benefit individuals, businesses and society as a whole


The Danish government is today launching its new National strategy for artificial intelligence. The strategy puts emphasis on an ethical approach to the technology. For Denmark, artificial intelligence entails enormous potentials for both citizens, companies and public authorities.

Today, the Danish government is publishing its new strategy for artificial intelligence. Denmark is already among the most digitized countries in the world, and in our daily use of apps on the phone and search engines on the computer, artificial intelligence is already working for us.

In the strategy, the government puts forth four objectives for how Denmark can become a front-runner in responsible development and use of artificial intelligence:

  1. Denmark should have a common ethical and human-centred basis for artificial intelligence
  2. Danish researchers should research and develop artificial intelligence
  3. Danish businesses should achieve growth through developing and using artificial intelligence
  4. The public sector should use artificial intelligence to offer world-class services

Enormous potential

As the strategy states, the use of artificial intelligence should benefit both citizens, businesses and public authorities. For example, artificial intelligence can help people read and translate foreign languages or help find the fastest route through the morning traffic.

For Danish businesses, artificial intelligence will help develop new business models and offer faster deliveries, because the technology can help predict tomorrow's demand for different goods and services.

Finally, the public sector will be able to use the advanced technology to, among other things, identify cardiac arrests based on the citizen's voice during emergency calls.

Strong focus on ethics

Just as the Internet, artificial intelligence holds a wealth of opportunities. However, the technology also raises a number of ethical issues.

With the strategy, the Danish government makes clear that it has to be individuals who make the important decisions. Artificial intelligence must assist human decisions – not replace them. Similarly, the use of technology must be consistent with our society's democratic values.