Examples of digitisation-ready legislation

From the summer 2018, it is mandatory to assess whether new legislation is digital-ready. Legislation should rely on simple and uniform concepts that are consistent across the public sector. However, some legislation is more easily digitised than other, and many different aspects must be taken into consideration in relation to digitisation-ready legislation.

Using digital case processing where possible

The approach to make legislation digital-ready suggests that legislation should be simpler and – where possible – supported by information and data points that the public sector has already access to, hence reducing the need for manual case processing. These and other requirements should facilitate more efficiency, rapidity and fewer errors in the Danish public sector.

However, the possibility to utilise automated case processing and digitisation varies from legislation to legislation. For instance, the Danish pension system is relatively easy to IT-support compared to legislation concerning social work, where case processing is based on professional estimates and discretion. Thus, case processing should be digitised where meaningful and possible.

In the sections below, a few examples of such digital-ready areas are outlined.

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